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Teacher Wang Favorite
Hebei Agricultural University English Bachelor's Degree

Hello, my friends. You can call me Happyboy. I majored in English in the university. I’ve been teaching English in a high middle school for nearly 11 years since I graduated in 2006. I have many hobbies. Singing songs is my favorite one. Come on. Join me in Lightbeijing. I’m sure we have a lot to share. I’m waiting for you.

你好,我的朋友。很高兴认识你,我是一个活泼幽默的大男孩,热爱生活,爱好广泛,在这里,我有很多有趣有意思的事情与你分享,还等什么,加入我们,加入Lightbeijing. 我在这里等着你!

-LightBeijing Teacher Teacher Wang