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Ji Favorite
Sichuan University Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Master

Hi, welcome to Light Beijing! I am Ji. I graduated from Sichuan University with a master degree in teaching Chinese as Second Language. I have been teaching Immersion Chinese for 3 years. I am teaching Chinese language art, literacy, science and math all in Chinese to 5th graders. Now I am working at Arrowhead Elementary School in Utah in United States.

I believe we will have fun in learning and wish we all enjoy our journey to success. Come learn Mandarin with me, come learn with Light Beijing!

Light Beijing的学员们,你们好。我的名字是平霁。非常高兴能在Light Beijing与你们相遇。相信我们能一起度过快乐的学习时光。来和我一起学中文吧!

-LightBeijing Teacher Ji