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Although our teachers are experienced in the classroom, we also work to make sure they are current and well trained for online education. We take personal responsibility to ensure that our teachers are up to speed with constantly changing technologies and teaching methods.


Teachers are promoted based on training and experience.

Full time teachers Teachers pool Level B A A+ Points (Incentive) Reference to upgrade &
exchange teaching tools
Teachers pool Level C Teachers pool of preparation Filtering &
Promoting System
Training Open conversation Supervision


Jenny P.(Spokane, Washington, USA)
For a long time I worked to learn Chinese. In fact, I tried all of the major language learning programs that are popular today. I believe that LightBeijing is the future of Chinese Learning in all of the English speaking countries. I learned more in two weeks than I have ever learned in my Chinese learning pursuits. Now, I am half way to having certification recognized by the Chinese government. And I have more opportunity than I have ever had in my life. If you use ANY OTHER WAY to learn Chinese, you are in for a LONG and HARD road. Choose LIGHT BEIJING! You won't regret it.
Winston L.(Manchester, England, U.K.)
I am a single mom. I have few options in life right now to get a better life for my kids. I came across LightBeijing on accident a while ago and now I am only 1 1/2 years away from receiving the HSK Level 6 certification, the highest level recognized by the Chinese government. The CEO of my company found out I was learning Chinese, and told me that once I receive my certification he has a upper level position waiting for me. LightBeijing is actually changing my life right now. What a wonderful company and group of people. They have taken personal responsibility for my future and my family's future.
Riley M.(New York, New York, USA)
LightBeijing is definitely the front runner in the Chinese language learning world. I lived in China for 10 years and always had difficulty learning the language. The LightBeijing language learning program is actually written by Chinese teachers. They are the best in the World. They have also included many people from English speaking countries from different backgrounds and occupations to fully understand their students. They are the pioneers of Chinese learning. Now, I have been promoted 3 times in my company. I have to turn away opportunity regularly. LightBeijing is the way to go.
Ava S.(Houston, Texas, USA)
LightBeijing is brilliant. There is a movement happening right now in all of the major Chinese cities that foreigners live in. Almost every single foreigner I know in every single Chinese city is using LightBeijing to learn Chinese. Definitely the best out there.