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LightBeijing for Travellers

Designed for travelers in mind, the course is a fuss-free collection of lessons that will prepare you for your upcoming trip to China. Whether you're going for a short stopover or a month-long backpacking trip - we've got you covered on all the essentials that you'll need to survive as a tourist.

  • 6

    topics covered

  • 17


  • 110

    new words

  • Includes Lesson slides,audio summary and practice papers

1Topic 1. Traveling in China 行在中国
1 1.1 Taking a Taxi & Asking the Way 25mins
2 1.2 Getting Lose & Seeking Help 25mins
3 1.3 Taking the Subway & Taking the Bus 25mins
4 1.4 In the Bank 25mins
2Topic 2. Living in China 住在中国
1 2.1 In the Hotel & In the Hospital 25mins
2 2.2 Seeing a Chinese Medicine Practitioner 25mins
3Topic 3. Eating in China 吃在中国
1 3.1 In the Restaurant & In the Fast Food Rest 25mins
2 3.2 In the Cafeteria & At a Snack Stall 25mins
3 3.3 At a Family Gathering 25mins
4Topic 4. Sightseeing in China 游在中国
1 4.1 At the Train & Air Ticket Office 25mins
2 4.2 With the Travel Agency & On a Tourist Spot 25mins
3 4.3 In the Museum 25mins
5Topic 5. Shopping in China 购在中国
1 5.1 In the Supermarket & In the Fruit Market 25mins
2 5.2 In the Department Store & In the Bookstore 25mins
3 5.3 At the Olympic Souvenirs Store 25mins
6Topic 6. Having Fun in China 玩在中国
1 6.1 Watching Peking Opera & Watching Acrobatics 25mins
2 6.2 At the Teahouse & In the Bar 25mins


This course is designed for beginners to learn commonly-used travel words and phrases in the shortest time possible. Lessons will prepare students to take public transportation, change money, dine and more.

•    Learn to check in, buy things and order food in Mandarin

•    Learn ways to get around China easily

•    To be able to ask for help from locals



•    Online Tutor

•    Lesson Slides

•    Summary Audio Clip