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Rania Favorite
Northeast Normal University Master's Degree Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Hi! I am Rania. You can call me Teacher Qi. I graduated from Northeast Normal University. My major is Teaching of Chinese as the Second Language. My students come from all over the word. I have worked in Korea for a year. I have many lovely students and they like to study Chinese with me. I hope you too will enjoy my classes as well. Come learn Chinese with me at LightBeijing! I will be a good teacher and friend!

大家好!我是齐老师,欢迎你们来到Light Beijing学习汉语。我会根据大家的要求,尽量为你们提供真实、丰富和有趣的汉语,如果你们想说一口流利的汉语,就快来加入我的课堂吧!

-LightBeijing Teacher Rania