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Tinka Favorite
The George Washington University Master's Degree Educational Administration

Hi, I'm Tinka. I'm a graduate student majoring in Educational Leadership and Administration at George Washington University, which is located in Washington D.C., in the United States. My undergraduate degree is in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. I also have about 4 years teaching experience in both Chinese and English. So, if you choose me as your Chinese teacher, I won't disappoint you. I believe you will enjoy your Chinese classes with me, we can make progress together! Come learn Chinese with me at LightBeijing!

嗨大家好, 我是LightBeijing 李老师,很高兴大家对中文有如此浓厚的兴趣,我也很荣幸能够在这个平台上教授大家中文。我现在是一名生活在美国DC的留学生,如果你喜欢性格开朗,活泼有趣的老师,我一定不会让你失望的!

-LightBeijing Teacher Tinka