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Who Are We

LightBeijing is a team of dedicated Mandarin teachers based in Beijing with the passion of helping people to learn Mandarin easily. Through our one-to-one online platform, we help hundreds of students improve their Mandarin fluency.
Our Story
Many people find it difficult to convey themselves fluently in a foreign language even after they have taken a course to learn it. This can be frustrating especially when it seems so difficult to improve beyond basic knowledge.
It was with this in mind, that Founder Timothy Liu sought and devised the better way for anyone to learn Mandarin. Not the bland, basic tutorial that you sign up for, LightBeijing equips you with functional and progressive skills you can put to practice immediately.
Since 2014, LightBeijing now hosts 300 over teachers on its platform and offer over 1,000 different topics. Our passion has never change, that is to continue lighting people’s way to China.

"When I studied English, I did very well in class and topped my exams. One day, I visited some foreigners and tried to communicate with them in English. I found myself unable to express myself confidently or converse effectively with them. It was that day that I realised the importance of language learning through conversation."

- Timothy Liu, Founder and CEO of LightBeijing

Our Philosophy

There are 3 ways of learning Mandarin: memorisation, through environment and through conversation. Over the years, there are many materials developed to help people learn Mandarin. While new methods are constantly being developed, we at LightBeijing believe firmly in the tutoring method with a language teacher.
Language learning takes practise and time. With a tutor, you learn not only through the contents of the lesson, but through the process too! Conversing with the tutor allows your to obtain knowledge, functional use and cultural relevance all at once.

Our Approach

At LightBeijing, our courses cater to a wide range of students, from those with no Mandarin background to those who have already been learning Mandarin for a few years. Our lessons explore different aspects of the Chinese culture, connecting students to both the language and its practices. Our aim is to help you learn Mandarin to your distinct advantage through our four characteristics:

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