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LightBeijing is your long awaited solution to learning Mandarin.Our quick and effecive approach meets you where you are.


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Not sure of what you need? Fret not, your personal study consultant will help you assemble your lesson packages to meet
your immediate needs for learning Mandarin. With over 300 topics to choose from, we give you only the best.

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Who succeeded in equipping themselves with Mandarin. LightBeijing
is the shortcut for you to become an effective user of the language
and explore the horizons.
Tan Johnny(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
I wanted to expand my business into China, and I thought that it would be pretty easy since I already speak Mandarin and I have quite a few connections. But I didn’t manage to do well because I couldn’t present my ideas to Chinese investors properly. I took up LightBeijing classes because they catered very specifically to what I needed. I didn’t want to waste months trying to learn Mandarin from the beginning. I managed to complete the lessons in a couple of weeks. The teachers even helped me with my preparation to enter into the Chinese market again.
Meeko Virtanen(Helsinki, Finland)
I’m a global operations manager and I speak 5 languages - but when my boss sent me to Beijing, I was completely clueless. I had trouble ordering food and buying things that I needed. LightBeijing’s starter package helped me get on my feet and adjust to life in China. I am now taking more classes with them to improve my Mandarin.
Lily Wijaya(Surabaya, Indonesia)
I signed my son up for LightBeijing classes for HSK because he has many other classes to attend and not enough time. He is going to apply to universities in China but he needs to pass his HSK 5. I am very happy because he managed to pass his HSK 5 this time, and it only took 2 months of lessons.
Jennifer Liu(Sydney, Australia)
I grew up speaking Mandarin but when my company sent me to their Shanghai office, I struggled with communicating with my colleagues because there were so many specific jargons that I was never taught. I took up LightBeijing classes in the evenings and within a month I found myself more confident when speaking to colleagues and even during meetings.
Emily Shrodes(Melbourne, Australia)
I was being sent to Shanghai by my company but I didn’t speak a word of Mandarin. Worried for my safety I began looking for ways to pick up some useful words quickly, but none of it was very effective. A friend recommended that I try LightBeijing because they do customizable lesson packages that can be completed quickly. I’m happy to report that I can at the very least ask for directions when I’m lost here in Shanghai.
Clara Gunawan(Jarkarta, Indonesia)
I signed up for the HSK Crash Course during my term break and I finished it within 2 weeks. I needed a refresher course before my HSK exam. I eventually got the qualification that I needed to apply for Chinese universities.

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